Thursday, December 26, 2013

Custom Cut Rug Pads (Cut to Your Rug Size) Available from Brandon Oriental Rugs in Bucks County Pennsylvania for Shipment Anywhere in USA and Canada offers custom-cut rug pads (cut to properly fit under your rugs.) These are available to those in the USA and Canada who do not have rug padding; or have the wrong kind of padding for use with hand-made rugs; or who need to replace old, damaged, disintegrating padding.
      If you want good quality, durable pads (10 year anti-skid) to protect your floors from abrasion (and yourself from the hazard of rug slippage) write us using the "Contact" app on the sidebar; or call us directly (215-794-2300) with the sizes of your rugs. We'll be pleased to provide a quote and discuss arrangements for ordering and shipping your pads.
     Our rug pads are manufactured using inert materials guaranteed not to mar or adhere to the special finishes on pre-finished flooring. (If your new floors come with a warranty, you'll want our pads to protect them.) Even if your flooring is custom installed, these pads will protect them from damage. 
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