Thursday, December 12, 2013

Collectible Rugs: Bucks County Oriental Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - - Features Magnificent, Collector Quality Oriental Rugs from Founder of Modern Tribal Arts

     Adam Corson, owner of Modern Tribal Arts, draws his creative inspiration from a blend of classic antique rugs and textiles, as well as more innovative, yet traditionally styled rugs woven over the last two decades. His career spans more than 10 years and he has worked with some of the most highly regarded producers in the industry. 
     Adam brings a much needed, fresh vision to the craft of traditionally styled hand-knotted rugs. His passionate commitment to traditional materials and rug making techniques, and his genius for reinterpreting traditional rug designs with exciting and inspiring freshness, make his creations, necessarily limited in number and availability, real treasures with lasting value for collectors and afficionados of hand-knotted rugs, fine textiles, and artworks worldwide. These ARE beautiful rugs – of the highest quality.

     Modern Tribal Arts’ rugs are produced in collaboration with Adam’s esteemed partners in India. Only the finest hand-carded and handspun wools are used in combination with top-line Swiss chrome dyes by Novartis. The texture, glow, and aesthetic appeal of these unique, exquisite rugs is truly something to behold.
66206_Gendje_corner. The corner image reveals the
detail, texture and rich color palette used.
     All of Adam's rug designs have been carefully crafted as enduring symbols of woven art from tribes and villages located in the Caucasus Anatolia, Northwest Persia, and Southwest Persia. Adam’s thoughtfully blended colors pay a respectful homage to the past, yet open an enthusiastic window into the future. You will feel the passion and emotion as you experience these bold and brilliantly crafted designs.



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