Sunday, October 6, 2013

REAL Hand-knotted Persian Kashan Oriental Rug From Brandon Oriental Rugs - - Completes New Hope, PA (Bucks County) Dining Room for Customer Looking for a Rug Sale and Design Services

     Our customer engaged us to use our Rug-Search (tm) service to find a real hand-knotted Persian Kashan rug to provide the quiet foundation to an elegant, but simply decorated, dining room.

    The rug chosen is of a type sometimes called a "Five Color Kashan", which have been popular in the USA since the 1960's for their limited and subdued palette, intricate detailing, and affordable price-points. (These rugs resemble much more costly Nain rugs for design and color.) This rug is approximately 10 x 13, was produced in Iran, and imported prior to the embargo imposed on importation of Iranian goods in 2011.

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