Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bucks County Oriental Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - www.BrandonRugs.com - Helps Customer In Newtown, PA Searching for a Handmade Area Rug for a Family Room Find "Love At First Sight"

     Our customer furnished this entire room (which functions as a small family room) herself. Her family had been living without a rug on the floor for about a year, when they visited Brandon Oriental Rugs, saw this rug in our inventory, and fell in love with it. 
     Not having seen the room ourselves, we offered to bring other choices as well, but were told, "No need to bring anything else. Without question, this is it." 
     When we made the delivery to install the rug for its in-home trial, all could instantly appreciate how successful the rug is in this room.      This is an 8x10 Indian Agra design rug. The light backgound and non-contrasting light border of the rug visually expand the room; the large scale pattern is non-competitive with the small floral patterning of the fabrics; the transitional styling of the rug is appropriate for the relaxed look and function of the room.
     We often point out to our customers that there is a kind of marriage between a handmade oriental rug and its environment. Sometimes, as here, it's love at first sight. Sometimes the perfect mate is only found after an extended search and trial of many possible choices.  
     Regardless of the path to commitment, the desired result is always to have that certainty about your choice expressed by our customer, "Without question, this is it." 

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