Monday, May 20, 2013

Interior design is like tailoring: ‘Classic’ looks good forever!

Picture of Naomi Gregory, interior designer South West UK
Naomi Gregory - Interior Designer
Naomi Gregory, one of the South West’s [England] best Interior Designers, gives a professional's take on how to style the interior of your home including some great tips on the use of oriental rugs in your home:
“Consider purchases for your home in the same way you would those for your wardrobe.”
Following fashion fads is all well and good if you have the resources to be able to discard your clothes and buy a new wardrobe again each season.  But for those who wish to spend their money wisely, classically tailored pieces in good fabrics are a far better investment.
So too with your home.
When I plan a scheme, I start by thinking about layout.  I like to create social spaces, by grouping furniture in a way that encourages conversation and interaction, preferably around a focal point.  (A piece of art, a stunning chandelier or a fireplace all make good focal points.  Symmetry is also important as it creates a sense of balance and calm in the space.
I then consider the key items that are the building blocks of the scheme; in a living room for example these would likely be sofas and armchairs.
For these key items I choose classic styles that will stand the test of time – nothing too flamboyant. I recommend upholstering in colours chosen for longevity and to coordinate with the wall-color.  And to anchor the furniture arrangement I use a large rug.Oriental Rug in a classicly decorated house with fireplace and mirror
The rug is a great starting point for your colour scheme. I recommend choosing a multi-colour rug.  This means that there is more than one colour which can be picked out in cushions, curtains and accessories and allows you to easily update your design scheme in the future.
Oriental rugs are perfect for this providing a classic and timeless centre piece that wears well, tolerates family life and injects some warmth and personality in to your scheme.  I believe that we should be surrounded by the things that we love and that make us smile so choose a rug that you fall in love with and will enjoy using for years to come.
Picking out colours from your rug, (and here you can afford to be ‘on trend’ and select the colours that are most fashionable at the moment), find cushions, throws, bowls, vases and accessories that match your scheme.
Sticking to these basic principals you can be sure to create a successful interior scheme. 

This article is adapted from a post originally published by Oriental Rugs of Bath (England) in their blog, and can be accessed by the following link:

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