Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bucks County Oriental Rugs Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - - Provides Perfect Finishing Touch to a Newly Decorated Living Room Using Old, New and Refurbished Furnishings and Accessories in Warminster, PA

     The fine hand-knotted oriental rug in the picture below was the coup de maitre (and sine qua non) to the newly redecorated living room of our talented customer. She had, over many months, painstakingly selected and collected (and in some cases repaired or refinished) every element of new and old decor in the room.
          Upon bringing it all together, she saw the need for a rug to anchor and integrate all of the other elements. She invited us into her home to see what she had accomplished, and asked us to help her find a rug that could appropriately finish what she had so skillfully brought to the finish line.
     With the good fortune that helps every great rug find its true home, we knew of this rug, were able to acquire it for our customer's approval, and helped her to complete her picture perfect room. 

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