Friday, June 17, 2022

Thank You for Twenty-Seven Successful Years

Thank you to our customers and community. After twenty-seven blessed years, the partners of Brandon Oriental Rugs have elected to retire and will no longer be actively conducting business activities either at the former store location or via direct-to-home services. We also will not be engaged in cleaning or repair services; or in consignment sales. 

On a per case basis, Christopher Klinges will be available to offer appraisal services for the protection of former customers. 

It was our pleasure to serve each and every customer over the many years we were in business. We are proud that we were always able to keep faith with you on our pledge to offer the best price (based on quality) at all times; never resorting to misleading discount sale strategies to manufacture false savings. 

We are grateful and honored by the trust you have shown in us by using our services, inviting us into your homes, and allowing us to assist you with the furnishing of them. 

We hope that the many beautiful, fine quality rugs purchased from us since the 1990s have been and will continue to be in everyday use in the areas of your homes they were selected by you to distinguish as no other article of home decor possibly can. We hope all those rugs continue to make their owners proud.

May the Good Lord bless and keep you, your families and your homes throughout the days ahead.

Pamela Ward & Christopher Klinges
Brandon Oriental Rugs

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