Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Brandon Oriental Rugs -- A traditional handmade oriental rug is on the right side of the above demonstration photo. A trendy, modern rug is seen on the left side. Though strikingly different, both rugs appear to have merit as design solutions for the room and its decor.

There is an unseen difference, however, that we invite you to consider. At some not-so-distant future time, one rug will still be looking like a good choice; while the other will be probably be looking for an out-of-the-way room to be useful -- or maybe a place in the trash.

Because of the timelessness of its design, and perpetual popularity of its style, the traditional oriental rug on the right will still look fresh and right for the room no matter how far into the future you care to forecast.

Unfortunately, the intriguingly contemporary rug on the left is going to look like a mistake, and feel old, as soon as ever-morphing fashion decides that the "happening thing" is in some new style.

Your home is an oasis from the hardships of the journey through life. Don't allow yourself to be assailed in your place of rest by the "here today; gone tomorrow" restlessness of fashions that can never acknowledge the merits of timelessness.

Visit Brandon Oriental Rugs -- Bucks County, PA oriental rug specialists -- to access future fashion that goes on and on without the need to change a thing.

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