Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Looking for Something Different in Your Search for Quality Area Rugs? Willing to Be Motivated by Quality, Integrity, and Service Instead of by Discount Prices?

In Bucks County, Pa and surrounding counties, one rug specialty store stands out as having something different to offer:
  • When you're shopping for a fine handmade oriental rug that is as unique as you are.
  • When you want a rug that that truly stands out as special. 
  • When you want a rug that the crowd can't have or find with a few clicks.

Just looking at storefronts, Brandon Oriental Rugs stands out as promoting something different from other rug stores in the region. Clearly, Brandon is not seeking to lure business with perpetual SALE events and ginormous discounts. Considering it has been in business over twenty-five years, Brandon must be quietly offering something that appeals to customers just as much as any bold announcement of discounts. 
Brandon Oriental Rugs offers the best price based on quality EVERYDAY. "No reason to hurry; no reason to wait."

Doylestown, PA store has perpetually ginormous discounts. Off what?

Lahaska store has perpetually ginormous discounts that invite negotiation and permit wiggle room.

New Hope store has offer that seems to add up to 65% but is actually less than 65% off of whatever.

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"Why doesn't Brandon have BIG SALE events like other rug stores?"
Here's why:

  • We believe the practice of starting high to sell low is dishonest. We don’t inflate "tag-price" in order to advertise discount prices or percent-off sales. (Afterall, if the price on the tag is misleading, why should you believe any other statement made to you about a rug?) Likewise, Brandon does not claim to offer “wholesale” or “direct import” prices as a customer lure. In fact, Brandon's prices are as good as, or better than, prices at stores that choose to make such claims.
  • Value in a purchase is about quality, not discounts. Exaggerated claims of large discounts in conjunction with  limited time offers actually diminishes value by creating a sense of urgency that interferes with thoughtful decisions. Brandon is pleased to offer customers a relaxed shopping experience free from pressure or that uncomfortable urgency. 
  • Truthfully, 70% OFF at one store isn’t necessarily better than 50% OFF at another store. And Brandon's everyday price -- which is based ON quality not OFF some imaginary original price -- is better than those discount schemes.
  • Brandon's policy is that PRICE IS BASED ON QUALITY. Comparisons of price for a rug at one store versus price for a similar rug at another store should be based upon an understanding and appreciation of the underlying quality of the products offered.
  • Quality Pricing allows Brandon's customers to perform meaningful comparisons while shopping. It enables them to purchase their rugs with confidence and enjoyment of real savings.
  • Brandon helps you understand the features, merits, and price associated with different qualities so that your rug selections bring you maximum satisfaction and lasting value.We guarantee that -- versus other resources -- when you purchase your rugs from Brandon Oriental Rugs you "get better quality rugs for what you choose to spend, or spend less for the quality you want to acquire."(tm)
  • Brandon does not claim to offer the "LOWEST PRICE RUGS" because there are a lot of low quality products we don't and won't sell. 
  • Brandon Oriental Rugs does promise the "best values on fine quality handmade area rugs."

Brandon's policy might not provide the excitement we've all been conditioned to feel in response to advertised BIG SALE events. Instead you will enjoy more lasting benefits from real savings based on real prices associated with real quality.

(Please visit http://bit.ly/2Cb8vjE for more evidence of what is discussed above.)

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