Friday, July 7, 2017

Want something truly unique, durable, valuable and beautiful to perfect the design of a BIG room in your home or office? Consider a REAL oriental rug from Bucks County, PA rug store Brandon Oriental Rugs.


Magnificent handknotted oriental rugs in useful and unusual sizes. You'd have to look on, like, Page 100 to find rugs this size of this quality in an internet search for "handmade, area-rugs". 

Regardless, drones can't deliver them to your doorstep; and UPS or FedEx will just drop them at your door -- leaving you to wrestle their 160-pound bulk-weight into your room. Plus, Brandon's everyday price is hundreds of dollars less than the best internet price you'll find for similar quality rugs in similar sizes. (You might actually find that the savings are as breathtaking as the rug.) 

Brandon finds the design, colors, size and price you want. Brandon delivers and lets you "try it BEFORE you buy it." Brandon Oriental Rugs is a real place with actual people you can speak-to, and work-with; and who will work for you with commitment.

Unless you want to waste time and money on, like, two weeks of DIY while you chase "e-tale" solutions for your rug needs -- that will still be more costly than what Brandon offers -- please accept our offer to help you. You will actually know where we are. You will get what you want with savings. There will be real people standing behind what is offered; and we're friendly. 

Save callouses on your thumbs and fingers from texting and clicking around for answers to your questions and desires regarding quality handmade area rugs. Save your back, and a whole lot more too with Brandon Oriental Rugs helping you.

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