Thursday, December 1, 2016

Symbols in Oriental Rugs

Become a code-breaker and have fun decifering the symbols and messages conveyed by them in your oriental rugs - or in rugs you are thinking about buying. (Bucks County) rug symbolism 1

(Though not superstitious, Pam and Chris, owners of Bucks County, PA rugstore Brandon Oriental Rugs - - prefer owning rugs with symbols of life, regeneration and eternity.) (Bucks County) rug symbolism 2 (Bucks County) rug symbolism 3

Few rug customers shop for their rugs specifically for a motif or theme (apart possibly from interest in "tree-of-life" themes). It is conceivable however that a particular design element or motif could be a buying parameter of paramount importance to a buyer for purposes of building or expanding a unique collection.

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