Friday, May 27, 2016

Brandon Oriental Rugs - - the company of orientalrug cleaning, sales, and repair in Bucks County, PA Performs RugsCleaning Miracles

Rug-Cleaning Service offered by Brandon Oriental Rugs Can Accomplish Miracles

The following picture of a cleaning customer's rug was taken at the the time of pick-up. (We had low expectations that the gentle, natural rug-cleaning process we use could provide much improvement in the rug's appearance based on the poor care and damage it had suffered in the customer's home thanks to two Labrador Retrievers who delight in using the rug as a bed after playing in mud.)

Despite lack of encouragement for a successful outcome, the customer asked us to please make an attempt to clean the rug.

The next picture shows the result of our service's basic rug wash. No heroics were performed, but the rug looks as good as new.

We can't promise miracles in every instance - because we don't always know what has happened to a rug over time - but there is almost always appreciable improvement in appearance when you elect to have an oriental rug professionally cleaned by a complete, properly qualified service such as that offered through Brandon Oriental Rugs. The problems from dirt, stains, and other environmental exposures if not eliminated entirely can be minimized to some degree to also restore your enjoyment of your treasured oriental rug.

Brandon Oriental Rugs also offers professional rug repair and certified rug appraisal services for the complete protection of your rug and your investment in it.

Call us (215-794-2300) to discuss how your rug(s) can benefit from all the services Brandon offers. 

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