Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Small Area Gets Big Treatment in Lower Gwynedd, PA Townhouse with Rug from Bucks County Rug Store Brandon Oriental Rugs - - 4x6 Hand-knotted oriental rug selected by our customer for her lovely town-home in Lower Gwynedd, PA completes a small entry hall that she felt would benefit from the addition. Prior to placing the rug there, she said the space looked empty, and was way too noisy when her pets ran through.

Her selection beautifully coordinates with the sofa fabric, and is harmonious with the character of the living room into which it leads.

Having a number of floral style rugs elsewhere in her home, she really wanted a geometric look for this piece, and we helped her find this rug. It has rectilinear character and interesting asymmetries, but isn't too coarse or rustic for the tasteful refinements found in the remainder of her decor.

A couple of design lessons are in evidence here.
Nature abhors a vacuum: empty spaces look empty and beg to be filled.
Distinct areas with distinct functions (especially when adjacent to one another) deserve distinct looks. Well-coodinated but distinctly different is more interesting and appealing than perfectly matched and almost all the same. The contrasting mix of geometric with floral and darker with light might seem risky, but can be a risk worth taking as seen in our customer's example.

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