Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Real Hand-knotted Oriental Rugs Can Be Your Floor's Best Friend

If laying down one's life for a friend is proof of great love, it is apparent that fine quality oriental rugs when used in heavily trafficked areas of your home ARE your floor's best friends.

Think about it: to protect the hardwood floor in this entrance from rain, mud, snow and heavy foot traffic, the oriental rug is placed like an offering upon what amounts to an altar of sacrifice. 
But one of the mysteries of such rugs in this sacrificial role is their virtually immortal ability to resist immolation. Over many years of heavy use, the rug will generously stand on duty in fulfillment of its caring mission.

And the same can be said for oriental rugs used in dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, and stairways.

Some, worried about using beautiful handmade oriental rugs in the places where they have always been used, have begun to consider new fangled alternatives to cover the floors.

For what it's worth, none of the new fangled options have centuries of proof-in-use to compare with the go-to choice during all the time before cheap, machine made carpets arrived to attempt to answer the call that real handmade rugs have answered so beautifully all along.

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