Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Oriental Rugs and Rugged Individualism: The World at Your Feet Is An Expression of You

If you are comfortable without it, the rule-book has been tossed.

You decide where the definition is needed and what meaning is intended.

Derring-do: try it; if it looks great, who will question your boldness?

The hunger for real oriental rugs, like any appetite, can't be satisfied with one taste once the craving for a feast takes hold.

A real hand-knotted oriental rug is always ready to serve as base camp for exotic adventures at home.

The aspiration for and recognition of QUALITY is built into you; and can be found from the rug under your feet all the way up to the thoughts dreamt in your mind.

The objects we possess, or choose to have in our environment, reflect who we are.

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