Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Masterpiece Hunt Design Rug Epitomizes Why The Rug Making Art Is Gaining Interest And Respect Among International Art Investors

A masterpiece hunt design rug from Isfahan, Iran by the master weavers, Seirafian. Unfortunately, due to the embargo on trade with Iran, unless a rug like this is already in the USA, it can't be brought into the states. Some rugs of this quality do exist here still for purchase (and this company continues to produce for the rest of the world) but practically, for the time being, if you want this you can only wish.

For a rug to be a true "Hunt Design" there must be the depiction of bloodshed. There is a related class of rugs (often called "Garden Designs" to distinguish them from Hunt Rugs) where flora and fauna coexist peaceably in bucolic sumptuousness.

Rugs like this, are avidly sought by collectors around the world, and are beginning to challenge other artworks as stores of value for investors.

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