Saturday, April 27, 2013

The long-awaited time for home improvement appears to be upon us according to research report from Harvard

Strong Signs for Home Improvement

Things are getting better, and if you have not yet accelerated the pace of your home improvement projects, the time for those thoughts is imminent according to this report from The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard:
(The Joint Center for Housing Studies is a collaborative unit affiliated with the Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Harvard Kennedy School.)

And remember that fine quality handmade rugs are a great way to improve your home; an improvement that requires very little effort if you use Brandon Oriental Rugs to help you with your project.

Here's an example of the difference that rugs can make in a room. Our client has a large room with brick walls and floors and has been looking for a rug to bring more luxury to the area. With some rudimentary applications of PhotoShop to a picture of her room she provided to us, we were able to provide a virtual demonstration of the improvement that a fine rug will make in her room.

After (Virtual Room 1)

After (Virtual Room 2)

(We won't over-extend this post by showing all the other options presented -- and will post the finished room at a later time -- but this should provide an idea of how real rugs can really improve the look of your rooms.)

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