Friday, June 22, 2012

Customer Found The Rug She Wanted At Brandon After Looking Elsewhere For Months

Our customer had been working with her designer on redecorating her living room for several months. From the outset she had decided she wanted an area rug to anchor the room, and unify all of the furnishings and colors she was selecting.
She reported to us that after many months of searching in many stores she had found nothing to her liking (her exact words were to the effect that "there's a lot of junk out there.")
The room was nearing completion - her new furniture had been installed - and she was still without a rug when, via our website, she found Brandon Oriental Rugs in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and decided to see if our Rug-Search(TM) service could accomplish what she had been unable to do herself.

It so happened that on her first visit to our store, we had in inventory the rug that was "exactly" what she had been hoping to find. (Still, before making her final decision, we brought numerous other choices for her consideration, any of which could have worked in the room but which, in the end, demonstrated the appropriateness and success of her original choice.)
We also learned from her in the process that the REAL hand-knotted rug she selected from Brandon Oriental Rugs was more reasonably priced than many of the choices that had been suggested to her previously. She is also delighted with the fact that she has a REAL rug (not some machine-made or "tufted" imitation) giving her the quality and value that is important to her - as evidenced in all of her tasteful decorating decisions.

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