Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Runners for Split-level Stairway Demonstrating Correct Installation

These hand-knotted stairway runners were recently installed by us in a New Hope, Pennsylvania home as part of an ongoing redecorating project by the owners. The stairway configuration is common in homes. The required lengths for the runners to properly fit were non-standard however, which necessitated cutting the excess from the field of each rug and reattaching its border. This option was less costly, and achieved more expeditiously, than the alternative of commissioning a set of custom-made runners.
Lower Stairway Runner: centered on top riser
(which centers on the landing above.)

Lower Stairway Runner: showing detail of where the rug
was cut and the border reattached. The workmanship
 is excellent, and the repair is not apparent.

View from the upper hallway showing that the
two runners are NOT sewn together.

View of Upper Runner showing that it crosses the landing.
(If the lower runner crossed the landing, it would pose
a trip hazard when descending the stairs.)

Another view of how the two runners "fit"
together. We recommend stairholds instead of
stair-rods for securing handmade runners on stairways.
The runner is featured instead of brass rods;
the rug stays cleaner (rods are a dust/dirt trap);
it's safer because rods can be a trip hazard to women wearing heels.
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