Monday, June 27, 2011


The following link is to a scan of two articles printed just a few pages apart in the May 14-15 Saturday and Sunday Wall Street Journal.

Page One of the .pdf reviews art auction results totalling $1 billion over two weeks for impressionist and abstract works from various artists. Many new records were set.

Page Two of the .pdf (which actually appeared a few pages prior in the WSJ) is captioned "Not a Millionaire In Sight" and shows an "Untouchable" Indian woman crossing a precarious footbridge over an open sewer filled with human waste to her "home" on the other side. 

Without judgement or prejudice for or against either depiction of fortune, the juxtaposition of extravagant indulgence with abject destitution -- apparently unintended by the WSJ editors -- is poignant.


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