Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bucks County Oriental Rug Store, Brandon Oriental Rugs - - Reminds Rug Shoppers That When It Comes to Tufted Rugs"Good enough" Almost Never Is

"Good Enough" certainly isn't "Good" when we're talking about "tufted" area rugs.

These handmade-rug look-alike's (unfortunately confused with REAL handmade rugs) are cheaply made and thus cheaper than REAL hand-knotted rugs. But their cheaper pricing masks their long-term costs.

*   They have much shorter useful lifespans (five years average) compared with REAL rugs (generations).
*   They're sometimes promoted as a "Green" product, but the landfills won't welcome all of the tufted rugs that will be clogging them in a short time.
*   They can damage some pre-finished floors.
*   They are difficult to clean, and when cleaned often no longer will lie flat on the floor.
*   Vacuuming soon gives them a fuzzy, "cheap garment" appearance.
*   They have an unpleasant odor (high rubber content). 

This is definitely a product where thinking it might be "good enough" really is not.

To learn more about "tufted rugs" -- now heavily promoted by many rug dealers and department stores in an attempt to chase scarce dollars with cheap goods-- please visit our website link : Also see our videos on "The Shocking Truth About Tufted Rugs" which can be viewed elsewhere on this blog at .

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