Monday, June 20, 2011

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Brandon's Rug Cleaners Frequently Perform Miracles

The following picture of a cleaning customer's rug was taken at the the time of pick-up. (Frankly, we had low expectations that the cleaning process would provide much improvement in the appearance of the rug based on the poor care it had suffered in the customer's home -- and we told her so.)

Despite our lack of encouragement, the customer requested us to make an attempt to clean it.

The next picture shows the result of our service's basic rug wash. No heroics were performed, but the rug looks as good as new.

We can't promise miracles in every instance -- because we don't know what has happened to your rug in the time it has been in your home -- but there is almost always an appreciable improvement in appearance when you elect to have an old, heavily soiled rug professionally cleaned. 
Call us (215-794-2300) to arrange a time to evaluate your rug(s), and to discuss our terms. (Sorry, no e-correspondence on this.)

For spot-cleaning instructions, visit our website:

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