Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Measure Of The Amazing Value "Tied Up" In A Real Hand-knotted Rug by Brandon Oriental Rugs -

Brandon Oriental Rugs ( in Bucks County, Pennsylvania uses the example of a fine Persian Kashan rug, hand-knotted in Iran, to reveal some amazing facts about the hidden value in REAL rugs. A brief lesson in how to count the knots in a rug, expands to a demonstration of how remarkably under-priced fine, hand-knotted rugs are relative to what their price would be if they were made the same way here.
Unfortunately, "tremendous values" are not likely to remain as astounding as that demonstrated in the video. The Iranian embargo has effectively limited supply to what currently exists in inventory. Demand for rare, fine, beautiful and unique rugs is already exerting upward pressure on the prices of remaining examples.
Still, these treasures will likely always remain undervalued versus the answer to the question posed: "What would you have to charge for something that took you a year to actually produce?"

Monday, February 20, 2012

New Persian Rugs (Fine) Added to Collection at Brandon Oriental Rugs

The following Persian rugs have recently been added to our collection in response to requests. These are fine, collectible quality (80-90 raj) silk and wool pile rugs. As was seen during the previous Iranian embargo (1984-1999), since the current embargo commenced at the beginning of 2011 these rug-types have become limited in availability to all except well-qualified buyers, and have rapidly increased in price.

ALL hand-knotted rugs are becoming more scarce (and more valuable) due to political and economic developments around the world. But, the truth expressed in the old rug merchants'saying, "The thinner the rug, the richer the Persian" will be increasingly evident in the market price of very fine quality rugs such as those below.

Isfahan (Iran) 5x5

Isfahan (Iran) 5x5 Detail Showing Knot Density

Isfahan (Iran) 5x5 detail Showing Corner

Isfahan (Iran) 5x5 Detail Showing Medallion

Isfahan (Iran) 5x5 Detail Showing Signature and Silk Warp

Nain (Iran) 5x7
Nain (Iran) 5x7 Detail Back of Rug Showing Knot Density
Nain (iran 5x7 Detail Showing Corner Of Rug
Nain (Iran) 5x7

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Houzz Is A New Home To Get News About Brandon Oriental Rugs

houzz interior design ideas

In addition to our Blogger-site (, Facebook page ( , and website ( -- all of which pretty much mirror one another -- Brandon Oriental Rugs will posting news and rug-ideas to Houzz (; showcasing rugs acquired through us as they appear in some of the Delaware Valley's premier homes, businesses and designer showcases.